Stop waiting to get in!!

Whitelisting puts you in the front of the lines when the Squad Server has a que.

We have two way to get whitelisting.



Please remember Donations are not required to join.

Your Donation of $5 dollars or more will receive whitelisting for 31 days.

Your donations help to support and grow our community.

Special Invite

- SEALZ Clan Members

- Clan Allies 

- Dedicated Players

- Loyal supporters

For more information Contact our Staff on our Discord.

As a Thank You for your donation of $5 donation or more. 

We provide you with Whitelisting to our Squad Server for 31 Days.

  • No matter what the amount you donate above $5.00, you will only receive 31 Days of Whitelisting per donation.

  • Reoccurring donations will receive Whitelisting until Cancelled by you.

What is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting puts you in the front of the lines when the Public Squad Serve has a que.  If there are multiple Whitelisted players attempting to get into the server.  You will be placed in the whitelisted que to get in with the next available spot base on the time you joined.

Please Note:

Whitelisting Clans/Allies are case by case.
Please Contact an Admin thru our Discord for more information.