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Want to help the community keep the lights?

Your donation helps us keep the SEALZ Community going.

We cant do this without you.

Still unsure?

As a Thank You for your donation of $5 donation or more. 

We provide you with Whitelisting to our Squad Server for 31 Days.

Two ways to Donate

  1. Donate to Sealz Gaming by clicking the links above.

  2. Select a membership level.
  3. Link your Discord to Patreon

    • Sealz Supporter section in Discord will now be visible.

    • Access the channel #supporters-whitelisting

  2. And enter the information below

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  • Steam ID (Starts with "7656")

 Reoccurring Donation until Cancelled by you.

  1. Donate to Tundra K9 LLC by Clicking the link Above.

  2. Choose your Payment method

  3. Click on "Write a note (Optional)"

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One Time / Recurring Donation until Cancelled by you.

Please Note:

If we don't receive information above. Whitelisting will not take effect until you message us.  We don't know your Steam Info. If this happens, Please open a Ticket in our discord.

Thank you for your Support!

Donations FAQ

What your donations go towards?

  Your donations help us to keep the  Discord Server, Game Servers, Websites and any other cost need to help keep the lights on.

Are we paid from your donations?

  No, we are not paid.  We have equal passions for gaming and

have come together to make a No B.S experience for everyone.

Are there other ways to donate?

  Currently, donations are through Patreon and PayPal Only. 

Is this a Subscription?

  No, this is not a Membership, Subscription, or Paid Service.  We made it easy for you to make a one-time donation, or set up reoccurring payments to show your support for the community. You can cancel anytime through PayPal or Patreon. 

(Note: Patreon is a reoccurring donation until you cancel.)

Does donating give me any special sway in Kick/Ban Appeals?

  That's a hard, NO!!!  We will never give anyone special consideration just because they donated to us.  We expect everyone to follow the rules we have in place.  

Still, have questions or concerns? 

  Contact us through our Discord and talk to our Staff. We will answer all your questions.