Squad Public Server RULES (English)

We provided Google Docs to keep the most up-to-date rules for our Public Squad Server on all our platforms.


-English Rule has the interpretation priority above other language rules.

-Special Event may have altered Rules. (Ask the Sealz Team on our Discord for more info.)

Report Admin Abuse

2.11- All Servers must provide information to players on how they can report admin abuse, alongside their server rules. To report problems with a specific server, players can email Licensing@offworldindustries.com  with the following details:
- Name of the server
-Any evidence such as video, pictures etc
-Date and time of the incident
Or alternatively/and you can fill out the followin
g form https://forms.gle/R3D434WVuaY9obtT6
(Added 05/08/2020)