Sealz Wants You

We are Recruiting
No Forms or Application Required

Requirements: What we look for.


21 years or older (Exceptions will only be made based on the Maturity of the Player.)

Respect for your Clan-mates and others is EXPECTED for all members at all times.

Player Activity is a priority! (A Minimum of 4-6 battles per week is required.)

Becoming a Recruit:

  1. Join our Discord.

  2. Be sure to read the requirements before becoming a Recruit.

  3. Find the #Sealz Recruitment Channel.

  4. Type ?sealzrecruit in the channel

Congratulations!! You are now a Sealz Recruit!!

Becoming a Sealz Member:



Our Process:

  • By Invite Only

  • We pick from our @=SEALZ= Recruit pool.

  • There is no time frame.

  • When we feel you will be a good fit for the Clan and the community.

  • Your Role will be changed and told to add your =SEALZ= tag.

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