Sealz Wants You

We are Recruiting

Becoming a Sealz Member is simple:

First, Join our Discord

No forms or application process.


What were looking for in our =SEALZ= Members



1. 21 years or older (Exceptions will only be made based on the Maturity of the Player.)

2. Respect for your Clan-mates and others, is EXPECTED for all members at all times.

3. Player Activity is a priority! (A Minimum of 4-6 battles per week is Required.)

4. Player must be reviewed on 'School House Day' for evaluation of basic competencies. 

5. Thick Skin is expected. You will more than likely get yelled at. We are adults here if you get into an argument let it end after the fact.

Our Process:

-We pick from our @Recruit Pool (FNG).
-Being active in Discord and In-game.
-Jump in a chat and let us get to know you.
-There is no time frame.
-When we feel you will be a good fit to the Clan and the community.
-Your Roles will be changed and you will be told to add your =SEALZ= tag.

Ask @Community Managers about scheduling your 'School House Day' for evaluations.

What are you waiting for??
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