Discord RULES


We recommend at least 18 years or older to join our discord.

Listen to Admins and Moderator's directions. It is their discretion to (Mute, Kick, Ban)

  • Be a normal person say hello when you join a channel.

  • Respect everyone in our discord.

  • We have many in our community from all over the world. We will not tolerate derogatory or racist comments, or posting in our discord.

  • Spamming of any content will result in a Warning/Mute.

  • Don't be a barbarian say goodbye before you leave.

  • Use the proper text and voice channels.

  • Content may be moved or deleted at the @Community Managers  discretion

Multiple infractions will result in a Kick/Ban from the discord.

We are always working on improving discord to better our community. Please let us know any suggestions you may have in our 🔖#suggestions .


PLEASE NOTE: Subject to change without. notice.  Most up to date rules are on our discord.