Code of Conduct


Applies to all Visitors and Members


Administrators / Moderators / Server Admins Discretion

to Warn/Mute/Kick/Ban

Code of Conduct applies to all visitors and members of Sealz Gaming Servers, Websites, Forums, Discord, and other platforms that may not be listed.

Age Restriction:

Any on under the age of 13 should have you parent’s permission before joining. We recommend at least 18 years or older.

Respect others:

We are all here for a good time. 

-Treat everyone with respect, and keep the commenting and posting clean.  Sealz Gaming has many members in our community from all over the world.  We strive to promote a clean, fun, atmosphere for players to come together.  

-We will not tolerate derogatory or racist comments/postings.  If we deem the content to be inappropriate material, for any of our sites we own and/or manage. Sealz Gaming reserve the right to remove the content, and take appropriate steps to enforce our policy's against the offending user. This could result in a permanent ban from the Sealz Community based on the infraction.

Copyright /Trademark Infringement:

-Sealz Gaming and its members are not held liable for what you the user, post/comment on any of our server, discord, forum, or websites. The individual users are responsible what you post/comment.  If any Copyright/Trademark material is found to be in violation of the creators copywrite/trademark.  The content/posting will be removed. Any relevant information and material will be given at the creator’s request for use in prosecution. Please contact any Administrator for assistance.


Any spamming of content and/or post will not be tolerated.

  • Emoji spamming 

  • @mentions Spamming

  • Caps spamming

  • post spamming

  • invite spamming

  • link spamming

This includes posting and/or commenting that Administrators/Moderators may deem spamming. Multiply infraction will result in a Kick/Mute/Ban based on Administrator / Moderators discretion.

Sealz Gaming reserves the right to modify and update the Code of Conduct at anytime.

Effective: 12/18/19