Things to consider before Donating

Whitelisting is NOT a membership, subscription service, or a paid service. Whitelisting is considered a Perk for your donation.  Our way of saying Thank You for your Donation.  A Donation isn't required to be a part of the Sealz community, or to join any of our Servers, Discord, Website, Forums, or other platforms.


Be sure to check out our Donations FAQ.  Any questions please contact us.

Donating also has some perks!


  • A minimum of $5.00 Donation required for Whitelisting on our Squad Server for 31 days.

  • No matter what the amount you donate you will only receive 31 days of Whitelisting per donation.

  • Reoccurring donations will receive Whitelisting until Cancelled.

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Be sure to have discord linked to Patreon

Access the channel "Whitelisting"

Enter Information below

  • Steam Name

  • Steam ID (Starts with "7656")



Please add the following in the Notes Section.

  • Discord Name

  • Steam Name

  • Steam ID (Starts with "7656")

Please Note: If we don't receive information above. Whitelisting will not take effect until you message us.  We don't know your Steam Info.

Steam ID can be found with

Thank you for Supporting SEALZ Community!