Donations FAQ

 Keeping the SEALZ Community Growing, with your Support.

 Donations are not required to be a part of the SEALZ Community.


Your Donation of $5 dollars or more will receive whitelisting for 31 days. 

We reserve Whitelisting for Clan Members, Clan Allies, Dedicated Players and our loyal supporters.

Donations are not required to join Sealz Community

What is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting puts you in the front of the lines when the server is full and there is a que to get into the server.  

What your donations go towards?

Your donations help us to keep the  Discord Server, Game Servers, Websites and any other cost need to help keep the lights on.

Are we paid from your donations?

No, we are not paid.  We have equal passions for gaming and

have come together to make a No B.S experience for everyone.

Are there other ways to donate?

Currently, donations are through Patreon and PayPal Only. 

Is this a Subscription?

No, this is not a Membership, Subscription, or Paid Service.  We made it easy for you to make a one-time donation, or set up reoccurring payments to show your support. You can cancel anytime through PayPal. 

Does donating give me any special sway in Kick/Ban Appeals?

Thats a big, NO!!!  We will never give anyone special consideration just because they donated to us.  We expect everyone to follow the rules we have in place.  

Still, have questions or concerns? 

Contact us through our Discord, or Members Chat.